Abalonyx, Norway

Abalonyx is a Norwegian SME, established in 2005 as a private corporation, up to recently primarily engaged in R&D related to graphene oxide and graphene oxide derivatives for functional nano-composites, nano-laminates and coatings. The company started pre-commercial production of graphene oxide (GO) which is increasing by 500 % in 2016 and foreseen to even double in 2017; this is a result of larger volumes sold as well as expanded range of more specialized products.

Labs and offices in Oslo and Abalonyx AS Production in Tofte, Norway

The technology basis is both in materials and methods. On the materials` side the company is specialized in the synthesis and surface functionalization of inorganic nano-particles, specifically graphene oxide, and other derivatives of graphene, which have been developed since 2008. On the methods` side the company uses and develops automated, high throughput methods based on the standard well-plate format. The aim is to employ parallelization and automation in all aspects of the experimental work, in order to secure quality and reproducibility. Abalonyx has a core staff in house, undertaking also basic analysis and characterization such as XRD and electrical properties. Their long term relation to the catalysis departments of SINTEF and the University of Oslo gives them access to advanced equipment as well as highly skilled students for part-time employment.

Activities of Abalonyx

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Contact: Dr. Rune Wendelbo