University of Maribor, Slovenia

University of Maribor, UM is a comprehensive educational and research organization striving for academic excellence and the expansion of knowledge through basic and applied research. Institute for Materials Engineering and Design at UM, involved in the project, employs 55 people and performs basic, applied and other R&D research in the polymer chemistry, processing and characterization. The Institute has more than 20 years of experience in development of advanced materials by new technologies, such as nanotechnology and biotechnology.

University of Maribor and City of Maribor

The involved is Laboratory for Characterization and Processing of Polymers – LCPP. The main activities of the LCCP are polysaccharide-based polymer surface modification and characterization, including physical and chemical binding of functional reagents, surface copolymerization, preparation of thin layers/films, nano-functionalization etc. which allow for a variety of possible biopolymer applications. In terms of design and development of novel materials, LCPP uses the following modern approaches: (i) preparation of functional nanoparticles (in-situ synthesis, encapsulation, coating etc.), (ii) preparation of nanofibers by electrospinning (combination of organic/inorganichybrid nanofibers) and (iii) preparation of biomimetic structured materials.

Activities of Laboratory for Characterization and Processing of Polymers

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Contact: Assist. Prof. Dr. Mojca Božič