University of Nova Gorica, Slovenia

University of Nova Gorica, UNG is a non-state research-oriented university. It comprises seven schools and twelve research units. UNG excels in research, which reflects in the successful obtaining of funding to carry out international research projects, as well as in the staff’s numerous publications in esteemed scientific journals. In comparison with other institutions in Slovenia, UNG is the leading research institution in the number of citations per employee in the past ten-year period. Outstanding research results and the international orientation of UNG are recognized as strengths of UNG also within the recent international types of evaluation of UNG: »U-Multirank«. UNG places research fields’ priority on material development and characterization, biomedicine and the research of the aging process.

University of Nova Gorica and City of Nova Gorica

The research group of Laboratory of Organic Matter Physics, LOMP focuses on the experimental research of electronic properties of thin-film organic semiconductors and the blends of these materials with graphene nanostructures. The studied phenomena range from the nanometer scale, up to electro-optical characterization of thin-film devices e.g. organic solar cells, organic field-effect transistors. LOMP has developed a unique method for measuring the time dynamics of charge carriers in thin films. In addition, charge transport studies can be coupled with the study of electronic structure by the time-resolved photoemission spectroscopy at the scale of a few fs. This opens the possibility to study dynamics of electro-catalytic reactions.

Activities of Laboratory of Organic Matter Physics

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Contact: Assist. Prof. Dr. Egon Pavlica